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Chris McVeigh—’Best marketing consultant in the world’

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Our Guy on 5 November 2014.

Well, apart from forgetting the indoor sparklers, Mr McVeigh did lighten up our evening. Chris delivered an insightful, engaging, personal take on the way things are in Publishing World these days. There were dissenters which provided the frisson and he had his camp followers; and lots of interaction with his audience. A healthy debate. All-in-all he gave us a candid view of what he believes we’re doing wrong and who he thinks is more likely to get it right. In Chris’s view, publishers have lost direction with the confusion of “technological disruption” and a recession as a backdrop; “as an industry we’ve become timid and our marketing reflects that”. The setting of the room in Ye Olde Cock Tavern provided an unexpectedly intimate atmosphere which added to the aire of engagement with his audience. A good, animated evening.Chris McVeigh7 Chris McVeigh1

Chris McVeigh has spent a decade working within publishing corporations, notably Elsevier and Thomson, before breaking out on his own in 2003 as a consultant to publishers on marketing issues and “emerging technologies”. During this time, he became a vocal advocate of the benefits of search-engine optimisation and is widely regarded as having been a pioneer in this field. Now based in Santa Monica – Los Angeles to you – he operates as a business analyst advising media and technology companies on the many and varied opportunities in the publishing sector.

On Twitter, Chris describes himself as “Post-Punk icon gone to seed. Publishing gun for hire. Roughneck. Sweary. Debaser.”


Chris’s website:

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