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In autumn 2013, Gresham bought Geddes and Grosset, and Waverley Books, from DC Thomson as a going concern.

Ron Grosset started G&G, a reference book company, in 1988, and sold to DCT in 1998. Now, 25 years after it was started, it is back as part of a new independent Scottish company, based in sunny Glasgow.

G&G is an award-winning established brand for publishing and exporting popular, affordable and useful books such as dictionaries, bi-lingual books, English grammar and usage texts, for language learning. Waverley Books is a quirky, special, niche and Scottish imprint, publishing well-designed, high-quality books on Scotland, history, trains, nostalgia, fiction, cookery.

We created ‘The Broons’ range of gift books and under Waverley publish books such as ‘Mad About Macarons’, and ‘The Complete Book of Mince’…


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