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Eurasia, located in Alphen-aan-den-Rijn on the site of Printforce, focuses on the accommodation of large graphics works by national and international clients in Asia. Eurasia regulates and supervises the entire process of request, tender and command to episode.

Eurasia is familiar with the problems that may arise when doing business with companies from the Far East and can prevent them for you. Dealing with the language and cultural differences, the different technical jargon, the complicated ordering procedures, cumbersome customs formalities and determining the right transport mode is for Eurasia daily work. Working with Eurasia means to take advantage of the attractive pricing of printed matter in Singapore or China with the solid Dutch reputation for quality and punctual delivery.

Anthonie van leeuwenhoekweg 56A
2408 AN Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

Tel. + 31 (0) 172-466 200
Fax + 31 (0) 172-466 222