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Are you a publisher?

Choose a designer who understands WEB and GRAPHIC DESIGN

Are you looking for a creative and original look for your latest projects? Do you need a graphic designer who has proven expertise and experience?

Annette Peppis understands the challenges that publishers face. She is a talented designer with a wealth of experience. Highly respected and recommended across the publishing industry she produces creative and original work to a consistently high standard, on time and to budget.

Annette Peppis & Associates – Designs that bring your project to life


Are you a business owner?

Make your business STAND OUT from the crowd

Are you starting a new venture or planning to expand? Does your business branding let you down?

First impressions count and your business image matters – especially in competitive times. Your business card and logo send a lasting message about the quality of your product or service. Annette Peppis can help you to attract more clients by creating a professional look that builds your business and reflects your values.

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