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Roger Christiansen — Digital transformation in Publishing Industry: Brave New World

Tuesday, 4 April 2017 at The Water Rats.

Roger gave a broad overview of his experience in relation to e-business transformations and how, after the initial digital shock, some of the major players in the publishing industry adapted to the new digital world and come out stronger and fitter for the future using mechanisms such as virtual stock.

See the slides from his presentation here - Galley Club presentation 040417 - and a very helpful summary of Roger’s talk by our members Suzy Astbury and Abigail Barclay of Inspired Selection – on their blog here. Pics, courtesy of David McCarthy on our Facebook page.

Roger has spent most of his career as a marketing professional working in hi-tech companies big and small; from start ups like Research Machines to global brands IBM and Ricoh. His main focus is in transforming business through better marketing; looking beyond the tactical to seek strategic, long-term solutions.

In his career he has often been involved in taking new technologies to market, such as one of the first global e-learning solutions, to high speed print-on-demand colour inkjet in the books market.

New business development – especially new business and customers – is another key focus. Roger has devised and lead a number of initiatives to reach different sectors such as Publishing and Vocational training solutions.

He is now building a new career as a Freelance Marketing Consultant and lecturing at Abingdon and Witney College.

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