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Publishing freelancing – tips for success from Abbie Headon

Tuesday, 4 December 2018;  The Water Rats, Gray’s Inn Road, Kings Cross.

Abbie Headon

Publishing freelancing – tips for success from Abbie Headon or Successful freelancing – how to do it (and how not to)

Freelancing is an attractive option, freeing you from the grind of office politics and giving you the chance to manage your own time and task list – and as publishers outsource more work to control their overheads, the opportunities seem to be growing all the time.

How can you make a success of your foray into freelancing?

Having worked on both sides of the publisher–freelancer relationship as an editor, writer and general book-wrangler, Abbie shares her tips for success. As one of The Bookseller ‘Rising Stars Class of 2018‘, she knows a thing or two about publishing and how to get where you want to go.

Abbie Headon studied music at the University of Oxford and subsequently worked at Oxford university Press as a science book editor before moving to Germany to teach English to business people. On returning to the UK, she became Managing Editor at Summersdale Publishers, writing gift books and commissioning travel narratives, memoirs and self-help titles.

In 2017, Abbie started a freelance career and now works part-time as Commissioning Editor for Prelude Books, keeping “freelance Fridays” for other projects such as writing books and commissioning articles for BookMachine.

Abbie’s books include Poetry First Aid Kit and Literary First Aid Kit; The Power of Yes; The Power of No; plus titles on unicorns, grammar and ‘seizing the day’, published under various pen names. She tweets as @abbieheadon.

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