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The Galley Club is the not-for-profit club for all involved in the production and publishing process to promote and discuss all aspects of our trades and crafts from concept to publication. Join us. Potential new members are welcome to attend a speaker meeting by emailing with your name and paying £10 on the night (including buffet). Early bird tickets are often available about one week beforehand.

Membership is a very reasonable £30* per year, including buffet at speaker evenings, so click here to fill out the form.

* Student concessionary membership rates are available for £20.

We meet for events from October through to June; the venue may vary, so check details at the time. For speaker evenings, we gather at 6.30pm when a buffet is served before our guest speaker talks about their chosen subject at about 7pm. Before and after, you have the opportunity to socialise with our members.

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Membership covers the whole spectrum from authors, editors, designers, typesetters, freelancers, publishers, printers, paper merchants and the digital world beyond.

Why not visit us and find out what it’s all about? We’d love to meet you. Click here to find out what one of our members had to say about her first visit.

We look forward to meeting you.