The Galley Club

Members’ Summer Party 2018

On Wednesday, 6th June 2018, we had a lovely time on that terrace AGAIN. Lots of lovely people with their lovely guests on the terrace at Doggett’s Coat & Badge * (Well, it is British Summer Time).

The scene reprised: evening, friends, sunset and dusk in a lovely package with the full vista of the City across the river.

Many thanks to Danny Lyle of Head & Heart, Andrea Vail, intrepid London Guide, Michael Roche and Ruth Sharvell for taking time out to take pics.

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*FOOTNOTE - As is often the way with our locations, there’s a bit of history attached.

In this case, the venue is named after a 300 year-old boat race, which still takes place every year for newly qualified Thames Watermen and Lightermen. It is thought to be the oldest continuing sporting contest in the World. The race is named after Thomas Doggett, an Irish actor and comedian, who came to London in about 1690. After considerable success on the stage at the Drury Lane Theatre he went on to manage the theatre before moving to Haymarket Theatre, again as manager.

Doggett lived in the village of Chelsea and made regular use of the Watermen of the Thames to take him to and from his places of work. These Watermen were licensed to row passengers along and across the River and were the equivalent to taxi drivers. Doggett appears to have taken a great interest in these men and awarded a coat and silver badge to be rowed for by six Watermen in the first year of their Freedom of the River Thames. The race was held on 1st August 1715 to commemorate the first anniversary of the accession of King George I to the British throne.



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