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Mark Ovenden — Johnston & Gill: Very British Types

Wednesday, 8 November 2017 at The Water Rats, Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross.

Johnston & Gill - Very British TypesThis evening, Mark explored the evolution and adoption of the Johnston and Gill typefaces; the subject of his book “Johnston & Gill: Very British Types” * ; where with the support of Frank Pick of the London Underground, Edward Johnston (1872-1944) and Eric Gill (1882-1940) unwittingly developed two of the world’s most enduring typefaces—Johnston still stands as London’s primary ‘wayfinding’ lettering, while Gill Sans is the type of choice within many public and private organizations across the UK today. Each face has had a profound impact on Britain’s visual language over the last 100 years.

Mark is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with a large following on social media and lives in London. He has toured the world delivering talks, visiting transit systems, studying corporate identity, typography and way-finding; an expert on public transport maps, lettering and design: a self-confessed “geek”. His infectious enthusiasm in print, on TV, radio or in person, brings insight and accessibility to what otherwise might appear dry or technical subjects.

Others say:

The New York Times called his books “pure catnip”; The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian both chose “Two Types: The Faces of Britain”, presented by Ovenden as their picks for the day (BBC4, 31st July 2017), The Guardian calling it “fascinating”.

*“Johnston & Gill: Very British Types” is published by Lund Humphries.

Johnston & Gill - Very British Types; published by Lund Humphries

Johnston & Gill – Very British Types; published by Lund Humphries

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