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Judith Watts—Making Love

Judith Watts08sJudith Watts14sWednesday 4 February 2015 at Ye Olde Cock Tavern.

Making Love: What the Mills & Boon archive reveals about publishing relationships.

How did Mills & Boon become a household brand? What can we learn about publishers as content and market-makers? Just how far should the bedroom door be left ajar?

In this evening’s session, Judith gave us a fascinating insight into the archives in 5 simple ‘lessons’ on how to build a brand:-

  1. Cherish your brand;
  2. Love your authors;
  3. Have a passion for your product;
  4. Get close to your reader;
  5. Embrace change.

What a lovely, humourous, engaging talk  which provided so much understanding of earlier publishing days – some of which is very relevant to current times, and some which just would not pass muster in terms of acceptable language and attitude.

Judith Watts11sJudith lectures on the Kingston University Publishing Masters and can also be found in the The Archive of British Publishing and Printing where she is researching for her PhD [The Limits of Desire: the Mills & Boon Romance Market]. Her work in the industry includes 10 years at Routledge, a marketing services start-up, and currently two new business ventures and She took a publishing career break to do an MFA in Creative Writing and is a published poet and writer. Most of Judith’s work is erotically flavoured and she is author of Hodder’s Teach Yourself Erotic Fiction. Judith Watts02sWhen not reading hot poems at events and in pubs she is Editorial Manager at Kingston University Press.


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