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Judith & Irene – The Science of Storytelling and the Art of Reading Aloud

Tuesday, 1 May 2018; The Water Rats, Gray’s Inn Road, King’s Cross.

If you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll begin… Why do we tell stories?

Wow! Judith Watts told us why; introducing some of the science and psychology behind why we narrate, listen and read, and asks what happens to us – good and bad – when we do.

Irene Friend explored this way we tell our stories and how to make best impact; what difference posture makes; how to breathe properly; how to get those endorphins working for us – some of the technical, physical and vocal tricks that can be used to enhance story for both the audience and the teller.

Judith Watts & Irene Friend2

Judith Watts is well-known to Galley Club members, having lectured to us before. Currently, she combines lecturing to publishing postgraduates at City University and new ventures of pop-up publishing and a new family-run vinyl record shop Her work in the industry includes 10 years at Routledge, a marketing services start-up, and freelance project management. She took a publishing career break to do an MFA in Creative Writing and is a published poet and writer. Much of Judith’s work is erotically flavoured and she is author of Hodder’s Teach Yourself Erotic Fiction. She us currently finishing her PhD on Mills & Boon.


Irene Friend is an accomplished voice coach, an author and promoter of public reading via her enterprise Ink17. She is a graduate of the National Conservatoire of Wales with a BA Hons in Acting Studies from RWCMD.

Irene has worked independently in Voice and Confidence coaching for 2 years. The youngest daughter of two lawyers with three older sisters, Irene spent her young life learning not just how to communicate; also how to listen. She grew up observing and imitating those around her (whether they liked it or not).


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