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Gordon Kennedy o stage  at The Water Rats

Gordon Kennedy on stage at The Water Rats

Monday, 13 March 2017 at The Water Rats.










The Galley Club was pleased-as-punch to host this special event at The Water Rats. Gordon Kennedy, actor, writer, producer, told us the true story of these young ladies of repute in Enlightenment Edinburgh who formed a secret society to engage in forbidden topics of science, philosophy, politics and how the trail led Lucy Porter, comedy artist and writer, to bring the story to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, thence to a much re-imagined comedy series on BBC Radio 4 produced by Gordon for Absolutely in 2016. As is befitting the start of London Book & Screen Week (LB&SW), LB&SW – which boasts the straplineBook, Screen and Everything in Between” – we will follow the path of The Fair Intellectual Club from the early 1700s to a screenplay and then a radio ‘period sit-com’ and beyond. Oft’ on our screens and radios (currently in T2: Trainspotting in cinemas; The Halcyon on ITV; producing Secrets and Lattes, series currently on BBC Radio 4).

Gordon on stage at Water Rats

He went on to tell us the amazing story of how Dusty Springfield came up against the authorities of Apartheid South Africa in 1983 and was kept under house arrest for 10 days before they finally took her under armed escort to an airport for her to be deported back on the UK.

L-R Samara Maclaren, Gavin Mitchell, Caroline Deyga, Jessica Hardwick

L-R Samara Maclaren, Gavin Mitchell, Caroline Deyga, Jessica Hardwick

FIC Jessica Hardwick Samara Maclaren Caroline Deyga (Alison Marjory Ishbel)

L to R: Jessica Hardwick, Samara Maclaren, Caroline Deyga (The Fair Intellectual Club)

Gordon also shared with us his thoughts on the rich mine of history, often with un-named women at the heart, never fully explored …and other stories.

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