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Clive Ince & Paul Herbert—A Matter of Privacy, Defamation, Publishing and The Law

Wednesday, 6 April 2016.

Want a barrack room publishing lawyer? Ask a member of The Galley Club.

Do you know anything about the law when it comes to defamation? Did you know that the law in relation to Privacy is relatively new to England & Wales? It was introduced with the European Convention on Human Rights 1952 – and a good thing too. In particular, we explored Article 8: Right to respect for private and family life and, in many ways the counterbalance to that, Article 10: Freedom of expression. All fascinating stuff.

This talk was a double-hander dealing with topical issues in (i) the law of privacy (ii) the law of defamation. This was a ‘lightweight’ look about the issues of privacy and defamation; it will studiously not descend into the dark chasm of technical legal issues, and rather, will consider the way the law is moving and consequences — both intentional and not.

Clive Ince and Paul Herbert are part of the strong legal team at Goodman Derrick, a leading commercial law firm in the City of London, providing high quality legal advice across a range of practice areas including Art & Cultural Heritage, Charities, Media, Publishing, Recruitment, Sport and Technology; specifically this could be copyright and art theft, museum loans, insurance, art finance, dispute resolution, imports and exports, intellectual property, and taxation. and cross-border transport, to restitution of illegally exported antiquities and art wrongfully taken in time of war including Holocaust-loot, through to the organisation of international exhibitions. Clients include artists, art galleries, private collectors, charities and agents.

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