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Anna Faherty — Diverge! How thinking differently could boost your career

Tuesday 1 November 2016 at The Water Rats.

In an industry that outsources most of its physical tasks and processes, what’s the one thing that can set you and your organisation apart from your competitors? The way you think…

Check out the bullet points of the talk courtesy of Bookmachine here:

Anna’s provocative session encouraged us to employ new ways of thinking in order to embrace uncertainty, make sense of complex situations and – ultimately – innovate beyond the development of new products; challenged us all to open up our minds, explore multiple possibilities. This session was all about how to boost your own creative thinking skills and shape a divergent future for publishing.

Anna Faherty is an award-winning researcher, writer and teacher who has worked in publishing for over 25 years. Anna now collaborates with publishers and museums on a diverse range of print, exhibition and digital projects. She also holds academic posts at Kingston University, Oxford Brookes University and UCL.

Twitter page: @mafunyane

Website: Strategic Content

Makes you think!

Anna Faherty preaches Divergence!

Anna Faherty preaches Divergence!


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