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Book Paper and the Environment | Adrian Sutcliffe

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 at The Water Rats, Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross.

We were very pleased to welcome to The Water Rats, Adrian Sutcliffe, specialist buyer in materials for Harper Collins.


Adrian has been in his current role as Group Production & Purchasing Manager at HarperCollins Publishers, UK, since 2006. He has had key experience in the management, procurement and stock control of papers for book printing at Harper Collins UK since 1996. This involves sourcing and supplier selection, negotiation, management of stock and production systems and procedures, together with constant review of the supply-chain in the global environment to ensure efficient and qualified material sourcing for the book publisher.

Adrian’s talk explored privileged information on how he goes about due diligence in this vital area; assessing the quality of sustainable paper sources in the supply chain for a responsible book publisher. He raised a number of questions about we as publishers deal with the process of paper buying and if, at all, we check the

Find out where the paper used in our books comes from, how publishers ensure it is ethically and sustainably-sourced, plus what are the real environmental issues. We will be looking at everything from identifying contentious sources and materials down to the level of fibre testing and what are the real issues involved in deforestation on our planet.

Adrian’s presentation: Paper Galley Club Talk 2019 GALLEY CLUB



Members have free entry and guests and visitors can buy tickets for this event.  Nearest station to The Water Rats: Kings Cross [5- minutes’ walk]. Non-members can attend by paying £10 [includes buffet with wine]. Seasonal Membership £35 [students £20 per season]

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